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Christopher Burns, Ph.D.

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Christopher Burns is currently the Fine and Performing Arts Resource Specialist in Osceola County, Florida. He received his B.M.E. from the University of Central Florida and his M.M.E. from Boston University and holds a PhD in Music Education from the University of South Florida with interests in New Media and Modern Band integration as well as Learner-Centered Education.

Christopher has taught Arts Integration and Elementary Music Methods at UCF and Valencia as well as presented workshops in several states for many organizations around the country.




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UCF BME Recital Hour - November 2023

Creativity with AI in Music Education

FMEA Think Tank - June 2023

AI and Music Education

APME Conference - June 2022

Just ask the Kids! Music in a Post-COVID world

APME Conference - June 2021

Pop and Lock: Keeping Your Kids Engaged in K-5 General Music

CMEA Conference - January 2020

Effects of stereotype content priming on fourth and fifth grade students’ gender-instrument associations and future role choice (with Patrick Cooper)

FMEA Conference - January 2020

Making music technology accessible, creative, and fun! A guide for elementary general music teachers. (with Patrick Cooper)

Pinellas County Workshop - July 2019

Popular music and me! Incorporating popular music into your general music curriculum.

APME Conference - June 2019

Being Popular in the Classroom

FMEA Conference - January 2019

You're gonna be Popular! Including popular music in your classroom and performances

APME Conference - June 2018

Effects of Gender-Neutral Projections for Popular Music Instruments and 21st-Century Musical Roles (Led by Patrick Cooper)

Creative Framework for Meaningful Elementary Music Technology Experiences (with Patrick Cooper)

NAfME Conference - March 2018

Effects of Projected Gender-Neutral Roles on Instrument Selection and Instrument-Gender Associations in 5th Grade Music Students (led By Patrick Cooper)

CMEA Conference - January 2018

Effects of gender-neutral images on instrument selection in 5th grade music students (led by Patrick Cooper)

Additional handout

FMEA Conference - January 2018

Found Sounds and Digital Recording Devices

OMEA/TI:ME Conference - February 2017

Creative Composition with iPads in the Elementary Music Room

FMEA Conference - January 2017

Creative Composition for Kids (and iPads)

Ready.Set.Grow Conference - April 2016

Singing and Playing Through Literacy